Monday, August 1, 2011

FairyTale Calender

This is my Fairytale calendar that I had made for my mother it is unfinished but I just wanted to share this to you and whoever is looking for calendar ideas using the Cricut Expression Machine. I did use the Designer's Calendar Cricut Cartridge. The Paper is actually the Once Upon A Time Paper. I got that at Michael's. Just to let you all know they are having a special 50% off all 180 Paper Pads this week!

I had used the SweetHearts Cricut cartridge. This is one of my favorite Cartridges.

 I used the Celebrate With Flourish Cricut Cartridge to get the  Four Leaf Clovers.

I used the Designer's Calendar Cricut Cartridge for the umbrella.

I used the Tinkerbell Cricut Cartridge to transform the sun to a flower!
I also wanted to let you know with the Designer's Calendar Cartridge; it will print out your calendar's layout and the number's. I know this is unfinished but it is in the progress of getting complete as we speak. Also When I finish the whole Calendar I will post the finish product, and also I am going to use the machine called Cinch to Bind the calendar together! I really had fun making this and I hope this helps you come up with some good ideas for your Calendars.

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