Friday, September 30, 2011

My Cricut Craft Room 100 Blog Hop

Welcome crafty friends. If you came from Holly's fantastic  blog then you are on the right track. If you are one of my 41 followers  and happened upon this hop you will want to start at the beginning so you don't miss out on all of the wonderful creations and goodies! All weekend, My Cricut Craftroom is showcasing over 100 different Cricut Cartridges.

My Projects are from five different cartridges. These are Heritage, song bird, beyond birthday bash,from my kitchen, picturesque.

I made the Butterfly from the Cricut Cartridge Picturesque. I use pop- a-dots to pop the butterfly up.  I used the I-top (22 mm) topper punch to decorate the top of that hat. 
Here is the supplies to make this cute Beanie. 


  • One 5" circle out of solid card stock
  • One 2-1/2" semi-circle out of patterned paper
  • One 5-1/8" x 1-5/8" strip of solid card stock
  • One 5-1/8" x 7/8" strip of patterned paper
  • Paper Cutter
  • Crop-a-Dile™
  • Circle Scissors Plus, or any other tool that allows you to cut a 5” circle
  • Edge Punch
  • iTop Punch, or a circle punch and you can make the notches with scissors
  • White Gel Pen
  • One Brad
  • One Eyelet
  • Bow
  • Double Sided Tape, 1/4" and 1/2" width
  • Additional card stock for pom-pom


Step 1
Cut the 5" Circle in half so that you are left with two 2-1/2" semi-circles.

Step 2
Adhere the 2-1/2" semi-circle patterned paper to one of the 2-1/2" solid card stock semi-circles and set it aside.

Step 3
Use a border edge punch on one of the long sides of the 5-1/8" x 1-5/8" strip of solid card stock

Step 4
and add some dashes using the white gel pen.
Step 5
Add a strip of 1/2" double sided tape to the 5-1/8" x 7/8" strip of patterned paper and adhere it to the strip you just added the dashes to.

Step 6
Turn it over, and add a strip of 1/4" double sided tape as close to the punched edge as possible.

Step 7
Attach the non-decorated 2-1/2" semi-circle (the one without the patterned paper) to the strip.
Insert the decorated semi-circle in between the strip and the non-decorated semi-circle. Turn the project over so that you’re able to center the semi-circles.

Hint:The front semi-circle will be taller than he one in the back.

Step 8
Holding the strip and semi-circles in your left hand, insert the Crop-a-Dile™ in between the semi-circles and punch a hole.

Do not punch a hole through the semi-circle in the back, so make sure you place the Crop-a-Dile;& correctly.
Insert an eyelet, set it, and adda butterfly on top of the eyelet with double-sided tape. Set it aside to work on the pom-pom.

Step 9

Punch a notched circle using the iTop™ punch, fold it in half and then in half again.
Step 10
Through all those layers punch a hold using the Crop-a-Dile™. Insert a brad and set it aside.

Step 11
Punch a hole in the middle of the front semi-circle and insert the brad and pom-pom. Open the front semi-circle of the beanie and insert your gift card. With that, you are done!


Envelope Album

For the Bird in the Cage and on the Organizer Tabs I used the Song Bird Cartridge
Box and Envelope Card Set

The tree that I made on the Box was from the Heritage Cartridge

Surprise Message Card


Step 1
Cut a piece of plain card stock for your base at 4 1/4 ' x 5 1/2'

Step 2
 Cut your plain cardstock ( I chose Brown) at 1/4'x 3

Step 3
Cut a piece of designer paper( I chose Lifes Journey by Recollection) at 4 1/4'x 3 1/2 '

Step 4
Place adhesive on the bottom of the designer paper and on the sides( NOTE- Do not put adhesive on the top because that's the pocket to keep your card lid down and keep your message hidden.

Step 5
Cut a piece of ribbon at 16' and place it on your 1/4'x 3 1/2'

Step 6
Cut or Stamp your message on the upper right side of the card

Step 7
use a brad 5/16'

Step 8
Take a paper Piercer and Pierce all of the cardstock and place your brad

Step 9
Then your card is made

I used the Beyond Birthday Cartridge for the letters I Love you. I love this cart.

Dimond Fold Card

The cheese and the Font was from using from my kitchen. Pretty Cheesy!( Giggle) I know I put a smile on your face.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my projects. Please leave me some love.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wenesday??

Well hello there! I know it seems like forever since I did a project!
I was really busy with planning my wedding. If you didn't  know I got married on September 24th. It was everything I dreamed of and more. If you all didn't know Erica and I are now Sister-In-Laws!! It's official!

Today is Would You Ever Guess Wednesday over at My Cricut Craft Room. What this means is that you can only use the function keys on your cricut, or even use cake cartridges on paper. I love doing Cake Cartridges. Today I did something different. I made a Gift Card Purse. This is super easy and Cute for the up coming Holidays.  So keep that in mind.

I told you this was cute. I used the  DoodleCharms  Cartridge for the cupcake and I made it or tried to make it 3 dimensional. The paper I used was Sweet Tooth...Love it. 
I used the dollar stamps that you can get at Michael's and stamped Sending You Birthday Wishes. I actually use pop-a-dots to get more dimension to it. I also used the crop-a-dile and punched my eyelets so I can put my ribbon through to make the straps of the purse.
This is was so much fun to make. I hope you all have  a great day and  make sure you stop by this weekend for the 100 Blog Hop!!! make sure you stop by I have great projects to show you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Card Creating Tuesday!

Hello and Good Morning!
I hope you all had a great weekend and was able to see the blog hop that My Cricut Craft Room had going on during this past weekend. Boy there are a lot of talented ladies on this Design Team.
If you haven't yet then visit her Blog as soon as your done looking at this cool card that I made; for today's theme Card Creating Tuesday!

I made a card that is called an Accordion Card!
Why do they call this an accordion card? Well its because it is kinda folded like one. I think this is such a fun and different card!
Below I made sure that I put specific Instructions so you too can make one of these amazing cards.

Here it is.....

I first designed my Spider and Pumpkin for my embellishments for this card!

The Pumpkin is from Paper Dolls for Everyday Cricut Cartridge. I made 3 because I wanted to make it 3 dimensional.
The Spider  was made using the Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut Cartridge.
Both of these were cut at 5.9 "

After this then I made a base for the card using a Beige color card stock. This is measured from 51/2 x11 inch card stock.

Then I scored this at the 1 1/2, 3, 5 1/2 ,and 8 lines on the Martha Stewart Score board.( NOTE) If you don't have one of these GET ONE, this board will make your cards look phenomenal...

Then you fold on the lines from Right to left and an accordion style way. What your card should like after you fold it, it should have your first piece the smallest part of the card to the biggest.

Then you decorate, now i cut my pieces a little smaller than the actual size of the rectangles to give my card some character, It is up to you how ever you like to cut your paper to fit the base of the card is your decision.
The orange piece of paper is cut from 2x7 inches to be used to hold the card together.

Then you decorate your card however you please.
I hope you like this idea and you understand them and I hope you share with me your cards after you make them...
You all have a Great Crafting Day and don't forget to check out the rest of these talented ladies  over at My Cricut Craft Room.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog Hop~ All About The Guys


 So I am going to try to show you and explain to you how I made this awesome card! This card is so cool and is a great idea for Christmas presents...It's cheap and its sentimental!
This card is my first Squash Card! Yes you read right; squash card!
This is a unique card! 

Here its is....

This is the front of the card!

When you open the card this is what is in the inside!
Hence the words SQUASH !

OK So how did I make this... Just read below!

You need a 4x4 cardstock card
3x3 card stock card
(Total of two)
this will be your lid and the last piece of  your card

Now place the 3x3 card in the middle of the 4x4 card and glue them together.

Then cut an angle on all 4 sides of the lid

Then fold all 4 sides down and glue them

This is what the lid should look like once you finish gluing the sides down.

Now put those lids and base on the side and get a 6x6 piece of cardstock

Then score at the 3' mark on both sides of the card, when you finish with that you should have a tic tac toe board. Then your going to fold one of the points of your card to another point and you should have made a triangle. You need to do a total of (3)

So when your finish doing this it should look like this...

Now when you do this make sure you place all three diamond cards where the middle line is up and down. Then take the middle card and glue the sides together. The left one should over lap on top of the middle card. The right card should be underneath the middle card.

(note this is important to do this)

Sorry I didn't take any pictures of how to the next step...but this is what you should do.
Once you glue the sides together place the paper upwards take the first card and press the two triangles that are on the side and press them towards you. Then it should all fall into place. Then take the second diamond cardstock and press the two triangles on the side away from you. The third diamond cardstock press them towards you again. Then it should squash all the pages and then glue your lid on top and glue the bottom on the bottom of the card. Then WA-la you should have a cute squash card!

I wanted to show you all what was inside
This was my Ethan during his transplant.
He was 15 months old.

Well this is my very first squash card..

Hope you all like this...tell me what you all think!

I didn't want to leave Haley out so I made her one as well.
Here is hers..

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