Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday!

Hello everyone! I have been really busy with my son again! (Sigh) Had gotten one of those phone calls from the transplant nurse about Ethan's labs not looking so great. His kidneys look really dry and they wanted me to drive all the way to Cincinnati again. This is the second time in two weeks. If you all don't know my son had received a liver transplant at 15 months on Feb 18th, 2011. He is NOW 6 months post transplant! However we do still have these ups and downs. So I apologized if you wanted to see how I made my card today and I posted way late.
Erica and I had so much fun last weekend !  I am so thankful that I am able to work side by side with Erica and the design team. Erica teaches me new things every day! 
 I am learning a lot and I hope you  will like my upcoming projects that I have plan to show you all. I am extremely excited!  Well here is my card! Way simple lol.... but it's my idea!

I used The Cindy Loo Cartridge. This is my new favorite Cartridge. I cut the Vines at 3" and the Crazy card design at 4". The paper is absolutely beautiful!

Check out how Erica over at My Cricut Craft Room made my card from above to this in 10 mins!!!
I hope you all have learned something from seeing these projects because I sure have! Also thank you all again for the prayers that were sent our way. I just wanted to let everyone know my Ethan is doing well, and regardless what his labs look like..the doctor thinks that they are over analyzing his labs and he just wants to watch Ethan and give his body a rest. We have been doing lab work twice a week! I am happy to say we have one more clinic with his GI doctor up in Akron Ohio next week and one more time for labs and then if everything looks okay; then we don't have to go to Cincinnati until 3 months from now and lab work is going to be ONLY once a month! So i wanted to thank you all again and God Bless!

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Connie Gail said...

Hi Miss Mel! Sorry I'm late in posting this but have had a busy day. Sorry to hear that you have been on the road again but am hoping that these trips will be far and few inbetween in the near future. We will keep praying for the Lord to heal Ethan. Now about your card - it truly has had quite a transformation! I love both sketches and it was fun to see how just adding a few other embellishments gave it a whole different look! I'm glad you and Erica did this because I learned a little bit more about design. Much love to you girl and try to take some time out for yourself...:O)