Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello Hello welcome to Monday's Theme Imagine-ation . What this is if you are new to my blog is you have to make something using the Imagine Cricut Machine and of course your imagination! This was such a cool project because I do not own an Imagine. I had to use my sister-in-laws in order to this project. Let me tell you I LOVED IT!! Yes it is time consuming because I don't know all the function and special keys yet but let me tell you when I get my Imagine for Christmas I will be super excited and I will help everyone who is also new to this product. I love my Cricut Expression machine. If you are new to this and need help or have questions please let me know and I would love to help you all out!!

The Cartridge that I used was Imagine More Cards Art Cartridge. Now remember I am new to this I know that I did pick this card right out of the book.I did do something different than the book's sample..I changed the Firs layer part. It was supposed to be a red outline with red polka dots and I changed it to the newspapers background. I thought it fit the theme with the type writer! What do you all think??  I also cut the card at 5.4".

      Here is the Inside of the card and I put some sticky adhesive glue the top edge of the card so it could open and close. I basically duplicated this from the card but I didn't add the words or the type writer picture. Erica did help me!!

Here is the envelope that I also made for this card. This was all made from the Imagine Cricut Machine. Like I said this was my very first Imagine project. I thank Erica for taking the time to help me learn a little from this Machine.
If you like this project wait till Tuesday project Card Day! Also I just wanted to let everyone know that Wednesday's theme Would You Ever Guess?? Is going to be a little bit different. Erica asked me to do the same design for this project as hers, but I would take home the project and design it differently than hers. Boy did I come up with something spectacular. So don't forget to visit Wednesday as well. Well thank you for taking the time to look at all my projects and ideas. If any of you need help or want to know more how I made these crafts just leave me a comment and I will respond to you as soon as I can. Have a Wonderful Monday!

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