Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome To Birthday Theme Sunday

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying looking at all the fun crafty projects that I have made? If you are leave a comment; love to see what you liked about it!  Here is another cool layout that I had made for my son's (Ethan) scrapbook. 
The cartridge that I used to make the Cake and the Birhday Present was from Celebrate With  Flourish. I bet you guys can't guess what stickers I used, (Giggle) the one and only Jolees stickers. The paper is out of a kit called Finish In a Flash! This kit has over 130 items in it to make your scrapbooks. I like to use these kits and then use my cricut to add a little pizazz to it!
Well now you know how I made this simple but really cute layout.  These are just  some tips and ideas for your own scrapbook pages. I hope everyone has a fantabulous crafting day!  Come visit tomorrow and see what's in store for tomorrow; all I can say is it's fantastic.

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