Sunday, July 17, 2011

Festive Friday!

So today is not Friday but I did do a project for Friday's Theme. I couldn't update because my son Ethan who is 19 Months, was life flighted to Cincinnati's Chrildren's hospital. He has a bacteria infection in his blood and they are treating him for that. On top of that his white blood cells keep dropping so they want to do a bonemarrow biopsy to see why his bonemarrow isn't producing enough white blood cells.
So anyways here is my cute box that I made for Festive Friday's.

This is such a great idea for kids parties for valentines day or even a gift for teacher's! Or even for your love ones. I used the TIE THE KNOT cartridge to make the box!!
Well I will update my blog as soon as my son and I get out of the hospital. Please pray for him and my family. Thanks so much!

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