Monday, May 28, 2012

GiveAway!!! K Andrews


GIVEAWAY! Okay girls! Let's do a GIVEAWAY!!! Just leave me a comment and I'll give away ONE stamp set of YOUR choice! I want to know your PLANS for this summer!

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*Leave me a comment with your plans for the Summer



Jessica S said...

Hi Melissa,
I wanted to pop in to say that your article in the AHA release today was very touching. The fact that you share your personal journey with your crafty friends is quite inspiring! I wish for Ethan to have a speedy recovery and prayer for him often! It is so very thoughtful of you to share your crafts for smiles in return! I hope to join your efforts soon and send in some cards!
Jessica S

Pink Polka Dot Scrapping said...

Jessica s...
Thanks so much for eating my story... I now know why the grace of god has opened my eyes and put me through the trials that I have been through.. My journey has been long and and downs but let me tell you worth it. I have met many parents over the last two years who are ong hrough the same or harder trials than I am.. And I love to help People by opening my heart and use my hands that god gave me and make beautiful things for patience and parents who are crying half the time.. And give them something o smile about and give them hope! I am glad that you want to help.. That is great and if I get my story out there to get one or more people to help me than missin accomplish and thats why God puts people in our lives for one season or for a life time. I am very passionate about what I do and I wish I can do more. I have only been doing this since Ethan's been the hospital and that's almost two years so I think I am doing pretty well
Lol... Well thanks again for taking the I've to write me.. And glad that your on a board..
God bless

Pink Polka Dot Scrapping said...

Lol reading

Jessica S said...

no biggie on the typos...i breezed through this...LOL! <3