Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daughter's Are Everything! Happy Birthday Haley

Hey there I hope you all are having a Great Crafting Tuesday! Today is April 17th. Today is a special day! Nine Years from Today I gave birth to a Beautiful little girl. When I saw her for the first time.. I was just an aw.. she was so Beautiful. Her name is Haley and her name means delicate beauty. Haley has been through so much in the past two years. I am one proud momma. She is so strong and very forgiven. I have been taking care of her brother (Ethan) in Cincinnati Ohio since Dec. 26th 2011 and we have been separated. When I look at Haley.. I see myself.. so loving and such a good daughter. God gave me such a Beautiful gift. She is such full of life, and she has dreams. She wants to be a zoologist. I tell her if you believe in yourself and put your mind too it you can do anything! So I unfortunately can not be at home for my daughter's Birthday and this is so hard for me because this is the very first time EVER. So I wanted to send something special for her. I made her a Birthday card and Matching Mini Album. Haley,Ethan, Amanda (My friend Sue Ann~Suzy's Crafts daughter) and I all went to the Cincinnati Zoo during Haley's spring break. So I wanted to put our memories in a Mini Album, and that way when Haley ever feels alone all she has to do is pick up that book and look at that Album and bring back that fun and enjoyable day.
So here is Haley's Birthday Card and Mini Album!!

The Tag above was made from CTMH

I used Sizzex Mini Album Die Cut
The paper is from design Scrapbook Pad (Tiffanys)
(There is Transparency paper cut out from the Sizzex Die Cut and place on the cover.)
Here is Ethan,Amanda, and Haley.
The flower is out of Michael's Dollar bin.
Pink Stickles on the flower.
I actually made tags using the CTMH tags that came with the Art Philosophy and Stamp set kit.
Candies(Pink and Green)
These are the actual Animals from the Zoo..
I placed paper on the back so she can write what she wants on them.
Tim Holtz Distress Ink was used.

I Have found a beautiful and fitting poem just for her...

Daughter By Rosa Linda Once the goodness of Someone Special reaches out
and touches your Heart, your life is changed forever...

Each day becomes a Blessing
filled with Hope anew, wide-eyed Wonder,
and the sincere desire to share a little Kindness.
You look for, and find, the Good
in every one and every thing.
You keep the Faith;
and wholly trust in your dreams of tomorrow.

I want you to know how fortunate
I feel to have you in my life.
You have brought a hue of Happiness to my heart,
and a rainbow of Love that will forever
color my world with Joy.

You Are Truly Someone Very Special To Me!!

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RosemarySharon said...

What an awesome gift! What a lucky daughter!

Sue-Ann said...

You are a great mom with awesome kids. Haley and Ethan are very blessed to have you. I know it is difficult but you are doing what you have to and although it is difficult now she will understand why and love you more for it when she is older. Hang in there Melissa, sunnier days are coming for you:) and your card and mini are awesome!!

Laurie said...

Absolutely fabulous! Hang in there! Like Sue has said your daughter will understand why things are the way they are right now!