Saturday, December 31, 2011


I wanted to write to all my fellow bloggers, I am currently MIA because of my son Ethan Andrew Pinter is currently in the PICCU at Cincinnati's Children' Hospital. He is put on a ventalater so he can breathe and let his body heal.. and rest. He has a CMV virus and EBV Virus and he is post transplant for almost 10 1/2 months now... so there are a lot of hiccups after transplant. This disease has a lot of complications with it. These virus's are treatable thank the good lord. Just want to write to tell you all that when I do get home with Ethan I will start crafting again.. All i ask are prayers! Thanks for visitinf my blog!!! Updates are posted daily on my Face Book page over at Melissa Pinter!
Happy New Year and God Bless


Becky Dunham said...

Oh Mel! I am so sorry to hear Ethan is having trouble. Modern medicine is wonderful and I am praying for him and for you! Take care of yourself while you are taking care of him. Big hugs!

Marleen said...

Sending loads of love and prayers your way xxxn stay strong hun xxx

Michele said...

Mel, I hope your son is feeling better! When you have a second, please check out my blog, I have a surprise there for you!